Armor Protéines based in Western France, is a subsidiary of the Bongrain Group, one of the world’s leading dairy groups. It is known for its pioneering spirit and its responsiveness to customers; characteristics it has deployed successfully during its 35 years in the dairy ingredients industry.



Acid Casein
Rennet Casein
Soduim and Calcuim Caseinates- Spray & Extruded
Whey proteins
Sodium reducer/flavor enhancer


Created in 1995, Sotexpro is a subsidiary of Gemef Industries, a family owned company since 1897 who has acquired a unique expertise in the field of pulses production and processing them into ingredients.


GEMEF Industries is a leading European specialist in cereal extrusion offering clean label, crispy, light and fun crisps of various sizes. Used by leading confection and bakeries in over 56 countries. 


Corman products are associated with all the usages and consumption moments of butter and cream: from Belgian family tables, with Balade and Carlsbourg brands, to the factories of the largest food manufacturers and the shops of the best craftsmen, throughout the world.


The industrial know-how of a family business, specialized in organic dairy products and plant-based products An innovative range of natural ingredients from dairy or plant source that naturally enhance your formulations.


Eurial is located in the west of France, in the heart of the first European dairy basin. Specialist for more than 20 years of milk fractionation, our mission is to support the strategic development of our customers in France, as well as internationally.

Our technological expertise and industrial flexibility allow us to offers a full range of nutritional and functional products.


Skimmed Milk powder
Sweet Whey Powder
Milk proteins
WPC 80 native
Rennet Casein/ Micellar Caseins


Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients was founded to support farmers and build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food supply. Offering innovative sweet potato flour, granules and sweeteners, we pursue our goal of benefitting our grower partners and the food industry through healthy food ingredients. 

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